Why Sensorbee?

Monitor up to 8 environmental influences by
NB-IoT Technology!

Sensorbee puts you into control of all environmental factors that affect your agricultural results. Low-cost narrowband IoT ensures reliable long range wide country-side coverage and a low total cost of ownership.


Each Sensorbeebase unit features two ports that allow connecting up to four sensors each. A complete range of 20 different sensors create unlimited setups - according to location, season, individual goal-setting. Simply add or exchange sensors when the focus changes.

Long battery life

Replaceable LISOCl2 3.6V batteries supply energy for up to 10 years.

Simple Setup

Position unlimited Sensorbee base units on your premises - indoor and outdoor. Easily register each Sensorbee base unit by its QR code. Connect up to 8 smart outdoor sensors to each base, and automatically register them on Android/iOS devices and computers.

Ease of Use

Sensorbee’s modern and intuitive app interface provides users access to the modular system. The system remotely sets up data collection, controls vital information live, triggers alerts when data turns criticialfor farm operations.

Single sensors can be exchanged or the whole base unit with sensors can be moved between locations without complicated computing skills.

Built-in GPS locates and displays all connected base units on a map and facilitates maintenance and planning.

About Sensorbee

Sensorbee is based and manufactures in Linköping, Sweden. The company was founded in 2014 by David Löwenbrand. David possesses a professional background in technology - he co-founded Kreatel, later sold to Motorola. Owning a farm himself, inspired him to experiment with sensors and mobile technologies. Today, Sensorbee employs 15 persons in development and production.

Sensorbee provides a wireless outdoor sensors solution for the agricultural sector. The Sensorbee solution is based on a battery powered NB-IoT network connected base unit, together with exchangeable sensors. Sensors range from temperature, humidity to silo levels and electric fence supervision. The system requires minimum technical knowledge and can easily handled from the Sensorbee app. The solution can be used for alerts as well as logging historical data. The farmer can visually view all sensors on a map thanks to built-in GPS functionality.

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